Interior Design | Tropical Oasis: House Tour In The Netherlands

Tropical Oasis: House Tour In The Netherlands
▸ Just the glazed yard was the reason they decided to buy just this one of all the houses they could choose. In Malaysia, they were too used to greenery and flowers – and did not want to give up. The enclosed courtyard, which is actually a very high quality greenhouse, has become the heart of a spacious home, an intersection and a square that connects several different functional units. As wise and devoted gardeners as the Dutch may be, nature’s decisive moves are in the making of paradise gardens. The soil in this country contains too much sand, the sea is gray, the weather is gloomy and the facades of typical brown bricks do not introduce too many new colors. Yvonne therefore arranged her tropical paradise in the middle of the house and the enclosed courtyard. The large potted plants are distributed thoughtfully throughout the apartment.
If you thought – “yes, with the exception of the kitchen” – look better. In this house full of creepers, trees, houseplants and other perennials, there is always a bouquet of cut flowers on the table. And not only on the table, but also on the drawers where the mirrors are strategically placed in order to multiply the view of the beautiful flowers in the vases.


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